Community Plays

Community Plays involve a team of professional theatre practitioners working in partnership for a year with local people from a village, town or city- to research, organise and produce a large cast play that explores & celebrates what is unique to their community. They are usually performed in non theatre venues in a ‘promenade’ staging with a cast of anywhere between 100 to 200 local actors & musicians, with many more involved in design, props & costume making, and production organisation. The ethos of working is predicated on a shared ownership of the process and final play.


  ‘Drummer Hodge’

Dorchester Town Play 2014

Written & Directed by Rupert Creed

Design by Dawn Allsopp

Music by Tim Laycock

Cast of 120

Edwardian Dorchester sends a local volunteer force to fight in the Boer War with tragic consequences for the Hodge family. Inspired by the poem by Thomas Hardy.

Cast of Drummer Hodge
Dorchester soldiers embark for the Boer War
Returning war hero Sam Vickery is feted by the town


‘Fire from Heaven’

DorchesterTown Play 2002

Dorchester Community Play Association

Written by Rupert Creed

Directed by Nina Hajiyanni

Music by Andew Dixon

Cast of 130

17th Century Puritan zealots impose a ‘godly regime’ and drive a community to civil war.

“Stunning play is heaven sent- a spectacle full of atmosphere & excitement (Dorset Echo)

  ‘No Surrender’

Hull City Play 1996

Remould Theatre Company

Written by Marvin Close

Directed by Rupert Creed

Music by Simon Fraser

Design by James Denton

                                                          Costume Design by Chris Lee

                                                         Cast of 150

   A century of Hull’s waterfront told through the history of he city’s dockers.

Hull dockers confront the police during picketing of Humber wharves in the 1970’s

   ‘Come Hell or High Water’

Bridlington Town Play 1995

Remould Theatre Company

Written by Rupert Creed & Richard Hayhoe

Directed by Richard Hayhoe

Cast of 120

The story of a town  in conflict over its lifeboat service with tragic consequences.

“A memorable production full of drama and emotion…empowered the community of Bridlington and has bound together every resource the town has to offer to produce something of a standard that cannot be rivalled.” (Bridlington Gazette & Herald)

   ‘Vital Spark’

Hull City Play 1993

Remould Theatre Company

Written by Jon Oram

Directed by Rupert Creed & Jon Oram

Music by Hilary Gordon

Design by Eryl Ellis

Costume Design by Chris Lee

Cast of 200

Two centuries of Hull’s history told through its people

  ‘Reap the Whirlwind’

Howden Town Play 1988

Written & directed by Rupert Creed

Music by Hilary Gordon

Design by Richard Alywin

Costume Design by Chris Lee

 A story of robbery and religion in 19th century Howden

Cast of 130

“An innovative and highly imaginative production… a remarkable success (Yorkshire Post)

Howden Town Play 1988.

One response to “Community Plays

  1. Vital spark
    All those years ago i worked on props scenery for many weeks voluntarily with my three year old daughter as well as half of the hull community, at that time I couldn’t afford to buy the video and so never saw it
    I am contacting you to ask.would there be any chance that there may be someone to contact in order that i might be able to get hold of a copy? We really enjoyed being involved and would have loved to see it.
    yours julie a Tindall


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