I’m a professional playwright, theatre director, drama & creative writing facilitator, and story broadcaster. The work strands all converge around a simple premise- the personal & social value that comes with shaping & sharing our stories.  Stories define who we are as individuals and how we interact with others. They express the collective identity of our communities, and the social history of our time.

As a playwright and theatre director my work has focused on gathering the stories of particular groups and communities and portraying them in different forms: ‘oral history’ documentary dramas; large cast community plays; and multi media productions mixing film & image, music and live storytelling. The process is about engagement – using my skills as a writer and director to give voice and shape to the stories of others- be that an individual, a group, or a whole community. I’ve also written plays with and for young people & children, directed productions in prisons, and worked with a wide range of groups in the community.

As a broadcaster I’ve worked as a BBC Producer on the digital storytelling projects ‘Telling Lives’ and ‘The Peoples War’- enabling people of all ages and backgrounds to tell their own stories in their own voice. They were broadcast as audio stories, short films, and prose stories – on tv, radio and online. I’ve also written and presented features and series for BBC Radio 4.

Helping people articulate and give creative form to their stories is a powerful tool for learning. I’ve worked extensively in primary, secondary & higher education, as a practitioner, trainer, consultant, and arts project manager- both freelance and with organisations such as Creative Partnerships and Cape UK. I have also worked with the Writers Guild and Script Yorkshire, initiating & running writer development courses, workshops and seminars.

Sharing stories is what we do. It is integral to the human condition- across all classes, cultures, communities, art forms- and across time.  Stories entertain, engage, inform and move us. They help us understand how we are different, and what we all share.

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  1. Well done Rupert. I like it. Hope you get a good feed back over a period of time. Loughborough – Mansfield- Brighton – Hull

  2. Hi there Rupert
    Nice to see how you are doing.
    I’ve never forgotten my experience in your two Vity Plays (Hull).In my 40 yrs as an Amateur actor it (they) were times to savour. Good luck

    Roger Peace

    • Good to hear from you Roger too. I always remember how professional you were in your approach to doing the play- and how when we had to cut a scene late on as the play was overunning drastically, you accepted it graciously despite having put a lot of rehearsal time into that scene. That’s what I call a pro!

  3. Rupert Creed ?? Who’s he?? Never ‘erd of ‘im!!!

    20 (yes TWENTY) years have been and gone – where have they gone?
    Working with you on Vital Spark and then No Surrender and then the two Rock Operas in the prison – it just seems like yesterday, and you know what a rotten day yesterday was!!!

    Take care me old mate, and watch-out when you cross over railway lines on your bike!


    p.s. Rodger P put me on to you, so blame him.

  4. Hello Rupert

    Very Glad to see you are still keeping the faith … Great memories of working with you all in “What Did You Say” ?

    Take Care


  5. Hi Rupert
    Can’t believe it’s 26 years since Reap the Whirlwind – I can still remember my lines (nearly)!

    All the best


  6. Must mention Come Hell or High Water in Bridlington twenty years ago come April. I know the experience of playing Kit Brown changed my life completely. I tell people that if that community play had not encouraged me to take part, my life would not be as good as it is now. I cannot thank Rupert and the crew of Remould Theatre enough.

  7. Howden Town Play was great…..’Reap the Whirlwind’ – funny what you find on the internet. I seem to remember you weren’t supposed to be ‘in it’ or ‘directing it’ – although that’s the way it ended up. Smiling at Dave Masons comments – think he’s the reason you were ‘in it’. I could be wrong – it’s a long time ago. Still have many photos – and video I think. Hope you’re keeping busy.

    • Hi Andrew it’s claire walker here I also remember been in reap the whirlwind with great thanks to everyone involved it helped me turn my life around and eventually got on the right track I have never seen the video and was wondering how to get a copy as I would love to show my children hope everyone keeping well gosh who can believe 26 years ago

  8. Hello Rupert, I wondered if you might know where I can buy a copy of the Liberty Street rock opera at the Wolds prison, I bought a video of the show but foolishly lent it to another cast member before I had viewed it, and of course it was never returned.
    My character was Mel but you may remember me more as Eliza Watson from Come Hell and High Water in Bridlington, so many very happy memories and my son Jonathan Shrimpton was so inspired by you all it gave him the courage to move to That London.
    Very fond regards sent to you from Sue Turner, thank you.

    • Hi Sue- good to hear from you and pass on my regards to Jonathan
      I’ve lost contact with Summit Arts so cant get hold of a video. I do have one copy here and at some point I will try and get it copied digitally but at the moment I’m so tied up with City of Culture projects I’m a bit under heavy deadlines!

  9. Hello Rupert. I’ve been trying to contact you because I’m trying to get hold of a copy of “No Surrender” which I believe you directed around 1996. Hopefully you can help.

  10. Hi there how would I get hold of Liberty street on DVD, my cousin was in the play and has now passed away and would love a copy for rememberance, thanks

    • Hi Kirsty
      I do have one copy of LIberty St but am very tied up with Hull City of Culture projects over the next 6 months. At some point I will be able to get it digitally copied but only later in the year. the only other option is to try Summit Arts who produced the show. Not sure where they are now but you should be able to find them on the web. Rupert

      • Aw that’s fantastic news I wil try and see if I can get hold of them, if I don’t get back to you will you please contact me when your finished and have some free time to sort and and a price for it, thank If I managed to get hold of them in the mean time I will let you know, many thanks

  11. Hey Rupert

    How are you? Do you remember me…. Debbie. We did “No Surrender” in 1996. Will stay with me forever. I am happy, hope you are too!

    • Thanks Debbie. Still working in theatre in Hull. I haven’t posted much on here recently but you can see what I’ve been up to on Facebook under my name. Hope you are keeping well too!

  12. Hello Rupert
    I’ve just started to read “Turn and Face the Strange”. So far absolutely fascinating. My late Husband (Brian Hairsine) was a bass player in and around Hull and knew Mick quite well but never worked with him. I know most of the musicians you mention. Tim Myers sold my husband his 1963 Fender Precision bass for £50 and has regretted it ever since! It’s worth thousands now. Dave Bradfield was a lifelong friend of my husband. Sadly Dave passed away two years ago. There were so many talented musicians in Hull and each and every one of them had the utmost respect and admiration for Mick. His untimely death was a great loss to music.
    Looking forward to the rest of the book.
    Kind regards.
    Ann Hairsine

    • Hi Ann – and thank you for your kind comments on the book. I heard about Dave’s passing from his wife Janet- and made sure she had a copy of the book in his memory. You are absolutely right – Hull has had many talented musicians and long may there be many more! Best wishes Rupert

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