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  1. Hello Rupert. I live in Driffield. Have a friend David Harper who’s son Joe is in the Magic Circle with John Marshall who suggested I contact you. I am seeking help/guidance and assistance with how to further progress a TV comedy drama I am writing/have written called SLAP! I wondered if there may be an opportunity to discuss my literary efforts or perhaps even meet up with you some time in the near future? It would be wonderful to rub shoulders with someone else in the business. I would be extremely grateful of any push you might be able to give me in the right direction as I am new to the industry. Kind regards Simon Green

    • Hi Simon. I don’t really have any experience in writing for tv other than a good grounding in story. If you want to meet up some point here in Hull email me on creed@creed.karoo.co.uk and we can have a coffee. Happy to help where I can but a full on at the moment with projects- but you may be interested in getting involved in some of them. All the best Rupert

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